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AB Scientific Appointed Distribution Partner for ELITech Microbiology

AB Scientific are proud to announce that we are the new distribution partners of ELITech Microbiology for the UK and Ireland.

The extensive product range includes:

  • Wide range of assays for the staining and concentration of parasitic element in stools, and for the serodiagnosis of the main parasitic diseases.
  • World leader in urogenital mycoplasma diagnosis, offering a wide range of diagnostic kits for the culture and screening.
  • Complete mycology range structured around an innovative decision tree.
  • Rapid serology tests for the diagnosis of Rheumatoid factor and Mononucleosis in a user friendly format.
  • Rapid isolation and detection of resistance to Polymyxins.

ELITechGroup Microbiology is a major component of the ELITech group and relies on its strong credo: to provide reliable and simple diagnostic tools for Pathology labs. Their innovative products are derived from their wide expertise combining agglutination tests, identification trays for identification or susceptibility testing. ELITech Microbiology brings their diagnostic support in the fields of Bacteriology, Mycology and Parasitology, further strengthening AB Scientific’s position in the area of Clinical Microbiology.