Blood Conservation products for blood transfusion. Plasma thawers, fridges and ultra low freezers.
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KW Apparecchi Scientifici

Devices for the conservation of blood and derivatives

KW were formed in 1953 and the two adjectives cold/hot (Italian: kalt/warm) gave birth to the companies name KW.  In 1961 KW built the first ever -85 freezer and to this day still lead the way in this field.

They are the Italian number one manufacturer of blood bank refrigerators and freezers and over the years have developed a complete product range. This range includes blood bank fridges, cold rooms, freezers, thawers, incubators and transport fridges.

KW Range of blood bank refrigerators and ultra low freezers

The whole range is designed to meet the needs of both small and large transfusion centres, rest homes, laboratories, wards and operating theaters.  The whole KW BloodLine product range can be validated according to GMP standards for uniformity and T stability compliance. 

Ultra Low Blood Bank Freezer
Ultra Low Freezers

-40 to -86°C | 85 to 806 litres | Vertical

Plasma Freezers
Plasma Freezers

-40 to -86°C | 85 to 806 litres | Vert. & Horz
​ -30 to -50°C | 85 to 806 litres | Vert. & Horz
​-20 to -45°C | 220 to 606 litres | Vert. & Horz

Ultra low, slim freezers
Ultra Low & Ultra Slim Freezers

-40 to -86°C | 360 to 800 litres | Vertical

Rapid Plasma Blast Freezers
Rapid Freezer For Plasma

6 wells of 4 bags per well, or 12 wells of 4 bags per well options available

Dual compressor unit freezers for blood banks and freezers with high value products
Biological Bank Freezers - dual refrigeration unit

-20 to -50°C | 250 to 800 litres | Vertical & Horizontal
-40 to -86°C | 230 to 800 litres | Vertical & Horizontal

Multiple Options

Vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) ensure high thermal insulation and small footprint

Thermoplastic materials are free from chlorinated substances and heavy metals

Optional internal counter doors | Triple silicone seals | Double outer door Extensive range of interior accessories to minimise search times

Pressure valves for -20 freezers and below that don't freeze up! LED lighting

Rapid/Fast Plasma Thawer
Plasma & Stem Cell Thawer

3 sizes available, 1 bag, 2 bag or up to 6 bags

Platelet incubator and agitator from KWA
Platelet incubator/agitator

Various sizes available for all needs up to 680 bags.

Blood Bank Fridges
Blood Bank Refrigerators

0 to 10°C | 150 to 1,500 litres

High Performance Plasma Freezers for Blood Banks
Plasma Freezers - High Performance

-20 to -50°C | 85 to 806 litres | Vert. & Horz
-40 to -86°C | 100 to 785 litres | Horizontal

KW Range of blood bank refrigerators and ultra low freezers
Technology You Can Trust

Manufactured to ISO 9001:2008
and ISO 13485:2003
Designed for medical applications
All models bear certification to directive 2007/47 CE
Fast Freezers also meet PED directive 97/23 CE
CEI EN 61326-1 & CEI EN 61010-1 conformity
Machine directive 2006/42/EC conformity Low voltage directive 2006/95 CE conformity
Electromagnetic compatability (EMC) 2004/108 CE conformity
Designed for best performance with lowest energy
ECO and Night & Day automatic modes

Latest Technology

7" Touch screen display option
SD card
RJ45 connection for network
USB port
Independent alarms
Cascade password access