Rapid/Fast Plasma Thawer
Plasma Thawer

Plasma Thawer

The latest innovation from KW - The Smart Thawer

The new smart plasma thawer from KW Apparecchi is a culmination of years of experience in designing and manufacturing plasma thawers. This new model provides users with simplicity, reliability, traceability and speed. 

The new smart thawers are incredibly compact to minimise space taken up in the laboratory. The intuitive touch screen is simple to use and allows complete traceability of all cycles.  The clever design of the thawing process allows fast, reliable and consistent dry thawing.

Plasma Thawer

2 Pocket System

The 2 pocket system will thaw up to 2 bags of 1000ml or 4 bags of 460ml.

Rapid/Fast Plasma Thawer

3 Pocket System

The 3 pocket system will thaw up to 3 bags of 1000ml or 6 bags of 460ml.

Packed with features!

The whole system is controlled through a simple to use intuitive touch screen.

The front housing and lid are made from an antibacterial plastic to help prevent contamination.

The one piece moulded water tank is made with antibacterial methacrylate to help maintain hygiene. The drain in the tank is located in the lowest part to ensure the tank can be completely emptied. The system is completely enclosed to prevent water coming into contact with the bags or the external environment.

The system will alarm automatically to notify cycle completion and also errors such as temperature errors or leaking bags.

A true walk away system.

Uniform thawing is guaranteed by the continuous water massaging system. The design ensures there is no contact between the water in the system and the external environment.

The integrated barcode can be used for identification of the bag and the operator.

The system continually monitors and records the data for the cycle. This is stored either on USB, SD Card or transferred to a server via Ethernet or WiFi.

Independent pockets allow thawing to take place on different bags at different times without either being affected.