Conroy Qseal Range of blood tube sealers
Conroy Medical - manufacturers of quality blood tube sealers

CONROY Medical

For consistent high quality sealing

With almost 30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of medical equipment primarily in the field of transfusion medicine Conroy Medical deliver high quality sealers for use on plastic bags, sets and tubing during collection, processing and distribution of blood components.

Conroy Medical are a leading OEM manufacturer of sealers. The chances are you have one in your laboratory and don’t even know it!

Conroy QSeal Air
Qseal air

Fully automatic system providing consistent high quality sealing.

Qseal Opti heavy duty blood tube sealer
Qseal opti

Bench top sealer for heavy-duty use. Consistent high quality sealing. Excellent performance.

Q seal Auto Blood Tube Sealer
Qseal auto

Fully automatic system for sealing. Battery operated version of Qseal air.

Qseal free cordless blood tube sealer for bloodbanks
Qseal free

Cordless battery-operated tube sealer. Ideal for locations that demand mobility.

Q seal Extra Blood Tube Sealer
Qseal extra

Super robust battery operated next generation sealer.