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Haemeokinesis from AB Scientific in the UK and ireland


Innovating blood banking

The FIRST 1 minute gel test for emergency grouping and phenotyping

Haemokinesis is an Australian private company specialising in the research, development and production of products for the global blood banking market.

STATUS 1 is the first product derived from Haemokinesis research and development targeting the important field of emergency (or STAT) blood grouping. Over the coming months and years, Haemokinesis will launch an array of new products in blood banking and associated fields.

The STATUS 1 system offers ABO grouping and Rh/K phenotyping for your patients in one (1) minute. Running up to 4 patients at a time, the system is perfect for STAT and trauma situations. Offering 4 different cards for your convenience, Column agglutination technology (CAT) quality results are generated using whole blood samples, giving up to 10 minutes of time saving when you need it most.

Haemokinesis Rapid Blood Grouping
STATUS 1 System

The system includes everything required; Centrifuge, workstation, pre-loaded tubes for samples, gel cards and a pipette with charger.

System Features
  • ​No reverse cells
  • Whole blood sample
  • Stable ‘gel quality’ results
  • Easily recorded and photographed
  • Saving up to 10 minutes
  • Phenotyping card
  • Designed not to detect weak D’s
  • 2 independent speed sensors
  • Accessible data logging
Test Cards Available

STAT GROUP test card from Haemokinesis

A 6 well card for rapid ABO forward grouping and Rh(D) determination. The card incorporates 2 monoclonal anti-A’s and anti-B’s. The anti-D does not detect DVI.

A | B | DVI- | Ctl. | A | B

A 6 well card for rapid ABO forward grouping and Rh(D) determination. The card incorporates an anti-AB microtube and 2 anti-D’s which don’t detect DVI.

A | B | AB | DVI- | DVI- | Ctl.

A 6 well card for rapid Rh phenotyping and K determination.

C | ċ | E | e | K | Ctl.

A 6 well card for rapid forward and reverse grouping. STAT grouping can now include reverse typing.

A|B|DVI-|Ctl.|A1 Cell|B Cell​

Rapid blood grouping from Haemokinesis