V8 Capillary Electrophoresis from Helena Biosciences
V8 Nexus clinical electrophoresis from Helena Biosciences

Automated Clinical Capillary Electrophoresis

The V8 Nexus from Helena Biosciences

V8 Nexus is a high-performance clinical capillary electrophoresis (CCE) analyser capable of highly sensitive and flexible protein quantitation, ideal for a wide range of screening and confirmatory testing applications.

High performance, high resolution clinical capillary electrophoresis

V8 Nexus is the next-generation clinical capillary electrophoresis analyser from Helena Biosciences, bringing improvements to hardware, automation, methods and software with a fully touchscreen-optimised Platinum 5.

Clinical Capillary Electrophoresis

Serum Proteins

A range of tailored assays, offering highly sensitive and clearly resolved results with the highest throughput.

  • SPE — 96 tests per hour
  • SP 6-band Zoom
  • SP 6-band
  • Immunodisplacement
  • Urine and IFE gel preparation

Haemoglobin IEF

A unique automated isoelectric focusing method giving full baseline separation of a range of Hb variants.

  • Accurate A₂ quantitation
  • Excellent variant separation
  • Automated pre-lysis
  • Gel tray preparation
  • Haemoglobin A1c coming 2016

CDT Auto

Developed with the IFCC CDT Working Group for Standardisation, the CDT kit for chronic alcohol abuse testing.

  • Accurate test for clear interpretation of results
  • No sample pre-treatment
  • Excellent correlation with other methods (e.g. HPLC)

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Rapid electrophoresis racks

Rapid electrophoresis

Capable of up to 96 high resolution SP tests per hour, V8 Nexus supports the continuous loading of 112 sample tubes at a time, with random-access ordering and retrieval of samples for completely automated priority and reflex testing.

Onboard Buffers

Four on-board buffers

V8 Nexus delivers true flexibility of use, allowing you to configure different or duplicate buffers as required. The system tracks lot information via barcode, and efficiently switches between buffer bottles automatically.

Expert System and Automated Reflex Tests

An intelligent assistant that streamlines the interpretation process, allowing automatic reflex testing of abnormal results as required, whilst enabling the scientist to prioritise more ambiguous results.

Tracked clinical Electrophoresis

Laboratory Track

Capable of over 2300 SPE tests per day by connecting V8 Nexus to a laboratory track system. Platinum 5 will automatically return results with peaks identified and labelled.

Proactive maintenance

V8 Nexus maximises efficiency by performing automated maintenance procedures at start-up, shut-down and between runs. Smart automated start-up means that your system will be ready and waiting when you arrive.

Complete chemistry

10 temperature-controlled reagent positions enable V8 Nexus to prepare 668 on-board SP tests as well as IFE and Haemoglobin preparation. The system also supports user or auto-dilutions, based on monoclonal / polyclonal size.

FlexWave from Helena Biosciences

FlexWave technology

This unique V8 Nexus capability allows a variable wavelength detection range of 200-600nm, enabling reflex testing for contrast media and screening for interfering factors, as well as the development of novel applications.

Clinical Electrophoresis LIMS connectivity

Remote Interpretation

A completely connected solution offering real-time viewing and editing of results from across your network. It automates host-query and sending of results to your LIMS, with a complete end-to-end audit trail.