Selectrocide 12G from Selective Micro Technologies produces pure chlorine dioxide for clinical analyser and purified water system decontamination.
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Clinical Analyser Decontamination

A highly effective biocide that minimises downtime

Any institution that requires sanitization and/or disinfection, such as medical facilities, long term care facilities, food processing plants, wineries, etc. knows all too well that time is a precious commodity. One particular industry that places the greatest amount of importance on time is the diagnostic industry. Large diagnostic laboratories perform thousands of diagnostic tests daily, and the clinical analysers used to perform these test must run at very high throughputs with very high accuracy and precision.

To do this, these analyzers must be regularly disinfected to prevent false readings. The issue that can arise with this is that sometimes the disinfection cycles can take up a large amount of time, as well as increase the amount of necessary maintenance on the machines due to material incompatibilities with the disinfectant.

Bubbles in Water

Selective Micro Technologies have developed products and protocols to decontaminate the most popular high-throughput laboratory equipment on the market today. Selectrocide® is used by companies like Abbott, Roche, Dade Behring and Beckman Coulter to perform over 25,000 decontaminations annually. Equipment includes chemistry, immunoassay and hematology analyzers.

Selectrocide® is effective against a broad range of microbes including bacteria, viruses, yeast, mold, and spores.

Unique advantages include:

  • Decontaminate in as little as 1 hour, including flush-out
  • Clean water lines, tanks, loops and unwetted surfaces (head spaces)
  • Strip biofilm so lines remain clean longer, reducing recontamination
  • Does not create undesirable/toxic by-products of reaction with organics
  • Neutral pH is gentle on sensitive equipment

Unlike bleach or peroxide, Selectrocide® rinses rapidly, leaving no residue, and is significantly less corrosive to system components because of greater efficacy at lower concentrations and neutral pH. In most applications Selectrocide® is non-corrosive.

Minimize downtime, reduce time and expense of service calls, increase capacity