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As use of third party QC is widely recognised as best practice, our range of speciality IQC materials enables you to extend good practice across your test repertoire with extended expiry QC material covering clinically significant levels.

Third party controls provide an essential yet impartial quality assessment of your laboratory’s test systems. Confident monitoring of inter-batch variation can be ensured with third-party control far exceeding primary reagent longevity.

Third party controls are those which are manufactured without the intention of being used on a particular instrument/ with specific reagents, in order to give a completely unbiased performance assessment of a test system.

These controls are manufactured using human plasma as the base material, giving a product similar in composition to the patient samples to be tested. Controls are manufactured to give results at multiple levels, including within the normal reference interval, as well as close to medical decision limits.

Our third party controls have a long shelf life so that the same lot can be used over multiple changes in reagents and calibrators, allowing the laboratory to detect any shifts in results which may occur with changes to the test system.

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Helena Biosciences offer a portfolio of clinically normal and abnormal third party controls that are independently manufactured using human donors therefore ensuring analytical accuracy. Controls are manufactured to give results at multiple levels, offering a number of advantages:

  • Traceability to World Health Organisation standard reference materials where appropriate
  • Multiple level quality control analysis
  • Analytical ranges at the clinical decision level where appropriate
  • Sensitive monitoring of any shift in test system performance
  • Detection of critical analytical system and reagent issues

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