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Clearance Buffer

Quick & easy liquefication of samples

Liquillizer was developed for use in the respiFISH® test kit is so effective that it is now sold separately as a product in its own right. 

Miacom's Liquillizer allows quick and easy liquefication of all mucoid clinical sample types in one simple procedure. 

In lung diseases such as pneumonia, cystic fibrosis or tuberculosis, viscous respiratory samples need to be analyzed. Liquefaction of these samples is helpful and in many cases a prerequisite to enable pathogen detection and characterization directly from the specimen. Miacom's Liquillizer enables immediate liquefaction of tracheal secretions, bronchial secretions, bronchial washes and even viscous sputum samples.
Liquillizer is a stable, highly active liquefaction reagent that is DTT-free and odorless. It is supplied as a ready-to-use 250ml solution. The Liquillizer can be used for up to four weeks after opening and up to 100 samples can be liquified. Compared to other liquefaction products on the market - which must be prepared freshly on a daily basis - the Liquillizer gives improved suitability for routine use and more effective processes in the lab.
  • Liquefies the toughest samples in no time, ready to use immediately
  • Supplied in a concentrated format, simply dilute 1 in 10
  • ​No incubation step before use
  • No dilutions required - ready to use
  • Stable at ambient temperature for up to 1 month after opening
Miacoms clearance buffer for pre treatment of sputum samples.