hemoFISH for rapid detection of pathogens in blood, results are possible in 30 minutes from a positive blood culture
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A simple 30 minute identification system

Affordable multiplex diagnostics for blood cultures

Miacom´s technology enables the identification of a wide variety of pathogens by using molecular beacons. The incorporation of molecular beacon probes into the system eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone washing steps. Additional technological developments allows miacom to offer a platform technology that can identify pathogens out of different specimen with a high sensitivity and specificity.

  • Identify the ​14 most clinical relevant bacteria in 1 test in only 30 minutes
  • Detected directly from positive blood cultures
  • Make antibiotic therapy decisions within 30 minutes
  • Improve patient outcome, save lives, reduce costs
  • A simple assay procedure
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The hemoFISH assay is an easy to handle, rapid, reliable tool for the identification of microorganisms and facilitates the decision of antimicrobial therapy in septic patients.

J Mol. Diagnostics, 2013, 15(6):835-39

Miacom Instructions for use
Miacom Instructions for use

We believe that, becuase of the fast and flexible analytical procedure, this test can be integrated into the daily routine and be repeatable performed during the day for early BC diagnostic purposes.

Clin Microbiol Infect, 2014;20(10):0760-3

HEMO FISH Test Panel for rapid identification of positive blood cultures
List of pathogens that can be rapidly identified using the Miacom HemoFISH