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NATtrol™ (Nucleic Acid Testing Control) products from Zeptometrix are the industry’s superior standard for molecular testing and can be used as independent Quality Control materials.

As use of third party QC is widely recognised as best practice, our range of speciality molecular IQC materials enables every laboratory to extend their good practice across all their test assay repertoire. Our QC materials cover multiple clinically significant levels while benefiting from a long shelf life. This allows confident monitoring of inter-batch variation as the shelf life of the control far exceeds the longevity of the primary reagents.

NATtrol™ products are prepared from purified microorganisms that are grown in either cell culture, microbial culture or isolated from the plasma of infected individuals.  The NATtrol™ treatment modifies the surface proteins and renders the organisms non-infectious and refrigerator stable, while retaining the complete genome.  The inactivation of organisms is verified by absence of growth in either validated tissue culture based infectivity assays or in validated growth protocols

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NATtrol™ Panels and Controls can be used to: –

  • Train Laboratory Personnel
  • Verify Molecular Diagnostic Assays
  • Monitor and Evaluate Lot to Lot Consistency of Assay Reagents
  • Prove Reproducibility
  • Provide Consistent, Reliable and Accurate Quality Control Solutions
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NATtrol Products serve as a full Process, Extraction & Amplification Quality Controls to Validate your Molecular Testing Protocols.  NATtrol Controls are available for Viral, Bacterial, Fungal and Parasite detection at Low and Medium Reactive Concentrations.

NATtrol Product Highlights: –

  • Intact Microorganisms
  • Work across ALL assay platforms
  • Available in virus, Bacteria, Fungi, Parasites and Bacteriophages
  • Matrix mimics a TRUE clinical specimen
  • Contains the entire microorganism genome, NOT synthetic or Purified RNA/DNA​
  • ​Full Process: – Controls for all processes involved with the Extraction and amplification of the Microorganism


  • Non-infectious & refrigerator stable:         – Inactivation is verified in validated growth protocol testing
  • Ready to Use
  • Calibration: – traceable to WHO international standards
  • Superior Shelf Life – 1-2 year stability
  • Multiple use capabilities
  • Flexible availability: – Individual or multiplexed controls