respiFISH from Miacom diagnostics for rapid detection of pathogens direct from sputum samples
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A simple 30 minute identification system

Bacterial ID directly from respiratory samples

respiFISH® is miacom diagnostics product line for the identification of pathogens directly from a variety of respiratory secretions. The respiFISH® product line delivers all needed reagents to test patient specimens for pneumonia-associated Gram negative and Gram positive pathogens in variety of samples such as native BAL, sputum, bronchial- or trachealaspirates.

  • Identify the ​14 most clinical relevant bacteria in 1 test in only 30 minutes
  • Detected directly from sputum or tracheal and bronchial aspirates
  • Make antibiotic therapy decisions within 30 minutes
  • Improve patient outcome, save lives, reduce costs
  • A simple assay procedure
  • Unique staining technology enables visual quantification
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Respifish test panel showing all the bacteria that can be rapidly identified in 30 minutes direct from a sputum sample.
Chart showing the bacteria that can be detected using this rapid method. 30 minute detection direct from fresh sputum samples is possible.