SARS-CoV-2 Diagnostic Products
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SARS-CoV-2 Related Products

AB Scientific have combined with AB Molecular and our respective suppliers to create a family of relevant products to help in the fight against COVID-19.

These products can be purchased from both AB Scientific and AB Molecular. The product range includes; Viral Transport Medium, Extraction Kits, Lysis Buffers, Real-Time PCR Test Kits, ELISA Kits, Serology Controls, Molecular Quality Controls, Face Masks & Multiplex Real-Time PCR Systems.

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Viral Transport and Preservation Medium

BioServUK’s viral transport medium is designed for the safe preservation and transport of viruses such as coronaviruses, chlamydiae, and mycoplasma clinical samples for performance evaluation in PCR, RT-PCR, cell culture methods and other IVD procedures. The media contains multiple antibiotics to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination and is supplied in sterile vials.


The viral transport and preservation medium is manufactured according to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention SOP#: DSR-052-01) and is CE-IVD certified.

For in vitro diagnostic procedures.


Each vial contains 1 ml or 3 ml of viral transport and preservation medium in a 10 ml flat bottom tube or 15 ml conical tube.

0.2µm sterile-filtered

12 month shelf life from date of manufacture

Ambient shipping & storage

Component                                                                 Concentration

Heat Inactivated Fetal Bovine Serum                      2%
Calcium chloride anhydrous                                     140.000 mg/L
D-Glucose                                                                    1000.000 mg/L
Magnesium sulfate                                                    98.000 mg/L
Potassium chloride                                                    400.000 mg/L
Potassium phosphate monobasic anhydrous       60.000 mg/L
Sodium bicarbonate                                                   350.000 mg//L
Sodium chloride                                                          8000.000 mg/L
Sodium phosphate dibasic anhydrous                   48.000 mg/L
Amphotericin B                                                           0.5 mg/L
Gentamycin sulphate                                                 100.000 mg/L

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MagBead Viral RNA Lysis Buffer

BioServUK MagBead Viral RNA Lysis Buffer is intended for the isolation and purification of total nucleic acids (DNA/RNA) from biological specimens for in vitro diagnostic procedures. 

  • Validated and in use at Ireland’s Health Service Executive, HSE
  • Manufactured at the BioServ UK Facility in Sheffield

Designed for:

  • Nasopharyngeal swab samples
  • Lysis of DTT pre-treated sputum samples which had been spun down to pellets before adding the RNA Lysis buffer
  • Stabilization of nucleic acids with lysates
  • Nucleic acid purification using magnetic beads
RNA Lysis Buffer
HigherPurity™ Viral RNA Extraction Kit

HigherPurity™ Viral RNA Extraction Kit is designed for the rapid simultaneous purification of viral RNA from cell –free samples such as serum, plasma, urine, cell free body fluids, cell culture supernatants and rinse liquid from swabs samples.

Canvax RNA Extraction Kit for SARS-COV-2, COVID-19

The purified viral RNA is suitable for use in RT-PCR and qRT-PCR and can be used for:

  • Viral load monitoring
  • Viral detection
  • Viral genotyping

The viral RNA molecules bind to the silica-based media and impurities such as proteins and nucleases are removed by thorough washing with Wash Buffer. The RNA is then eluted in sterile, RNase free water. The isolated viral RNA is ready to use and should be stored at – 70°C.

The procedure can be used for isolation of viral RNA from a broad range of viruses. However, performance cannot be guaranteed for every virus species and must be validated by the user.

The amount of purified viral RNA depends on the sample type, the virus titre, sample source, transport, storage, and age.
The Kit also includes carrier RNA that improves binding and recovery of low-concentrated viral RNA.

Real-time PCR kit for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2

Vitassay qPCR SARS-CoV-2 allows the qualitative detection of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) by real-time RT-PCR in clinical samples. The product is intended for use in the diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infections alongside clinical data of the patient and other laboratory tests outcomes.


Vitassay qPCR SARS-CoV-2 is a ready to use test which contains in each well all the necessary reagents for real-time PCR assay in a stabilized format. In addition, an internal control allows the detection of a possible reaction inhibition.

The amplification of the target sequence ORF1ab gene is detected through the FAM channel, the amplification of the target sequence N gene is detected through the ROX channel whereas the internal control (IC) in HEX, VIC or JOE channel (depending on the equipment used).

Vitassay qPCR SARS-CoV-2 is based on the real-time amplification of specific conserved fragments of the ORF1ab and N genes encoded by the SARS-CoV-2.

ELISA kits for COVID-19 diagnostics

The new GA CoV-2 test kits for the determination of anti SARS-CoV-2 IgG and IgM antibodies from GA Generic Assays are now available. The CE-certified ELISA are suitable for the screening of large numbers of cases. They facilitate rapid determination of the immune status after a potentially previous contact with SARS-CoV-2.


The GA CoV-2 IgG+ confirmatory test offers reliable support to differentiate other coronavirus infections and aids in the assessment of immune protection. Following a positive antibody result in screening, virus-specific antibodies against the N-, S1- and S2- proteins are determined using this confirmatory test.

COVID-19 patients may show a wide range of symptoms, in which the time between exposure to SARS-CoV-2 and appearance of first disease signs could be up to 14 days. Commonly performed PCR SARS-CoV-2 tests examine the genetic material of the virus in oral swabs and give a positive result only if the virus is still present. Therefore, these tests do not identify individuals who have survived an infection, recovered and removed the virus from their bodies.

The GA CoV-2 ELISA kits are serological tests that identify virus-specific antibodies in patients. These tests are thus ideally suited for screening and subsequent confirmation of the antibody status, in order to verify individual immune protection, control the existing pandemic and reduce the spread of SARS-CoV-2 through targeted measures.

Sensitivity and specificity

A first study conducted in an emergency centre for COVID-19 infected patients showed outstanding sensitivities using the GA CoV-2 IgM/IgG/IgG + and specificities using the GA CoV-2 IgM test kits of ≥ 98%.

GA CoV-2 IgG / IgM
  • ELISA screening for the determination of IgG or IgM SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in serum and plasma
  • 96 determinations per test kit including positive and negative controls
  • 105 min total assay time
  • 15 months shelf life
  • Fully automatable
GA CoV-2 IgG +
  • IgG confirmatory test specific for SARS-CoV-2 N-, S1- and S2-proteins
  • 24×4 determinations per test kit including positive and negative controls
  • 105 min total assay time
  • 15 months shelf life
  • Fully automatable
Optitrol Antibody Controls

Our partners DiaMex have launched Optitrol COVID-19 G & M as single marker quality control (QC) samples intended to monitor the performance of in-vitro assays for determination of IgG antibodies against the pathogen of COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 in human serum and plasma. This control has been optimised for all commonly used platforms and assays.

  • Liquid Stable and ready to use
  • Barcoded primary tube presentation
  • Available in a range of volumes
  • Refrigerated storage
  • 60 day open vial stability
  • Access to free to use dedicated serology QC software
Optitrol Covid 19 serology antibody controls

Simultaneous detection of SARS-CoV-2+Flu A+B+RSV+Adeno

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GenMark Dx ePlex

GenMark Diagnostics’ RP2 respiratory panel achieves CE Mark.

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SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Quality Control Now Available

AB Scientific continue to lead the way in the supply of molecular controls to the UK and Ireland laboratories.

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Available Now; Real-time PCR for the detection of SARS-CoV-2

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Surgical Face Mask

Face Masks

Surgical face masks available in sterile and non sterile formats. Suitable for use in clean rooms. Made in the EU and USA.

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Phileas 250 by Devea provides rapid airborne and surface decontamination using hydrogen peroxide.

Airborne Disinfection Systems

Airborne and surface disinfection using a modern alternative approach to hydrogen peroxide vaporization.

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