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Whole Blood Haematology Controls

Over 45 products for all major instruments.

AB Scientific are proud to be the UK and Ireland Distribution partner for EUROCELL Diagnostics who are the Exclusive European partner for U.S based manufacturer R&D Systems.

EUROCELL Diagnostics are located at Noyal Châtillon sur Seiche close to RENNES; its mission is to adapt and distribute, for the European market clinical laboratories, in vitro diagnostic products used in their Daily Quality Control.

In response to the European standard implementation, that compels the laboratory to even more rigorous management in the control of their quality, EUROCELL Diagnostics acts in complete independence towards the instrument manufacturers and therefore fully complies with the European directives.

R&D Systems’ Haematology Division develops and manufactures whole blood haematology controls, calibrators and linearity materials for hospitals and clinical laboratories to monitor the performance of blood analysis instruments, assuring the accuracy of test results. R&D Systems is recognized for its:

  • Multi-level haematology blood controls
  • Calibration/Calibrators
  • Reticulocyte Controls
  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate blood Controls
  • Lymphocyte Immunophenotyping Controls
  • CD 34+ stem cells blood Controls
  • LeukoReduced Controls
  • Body Fluid Controls
  • Linearity Kits
  • Interlaboratory Hematology Quality Control Program

Peer 2 Peer Comparison

The CBC-Monitor2 Interlaboratory Quality Control Program is available free of charge to all customers.

Monitoring of existing products, as well as validating improvements to products, is conducted in an on-going basis to ensure that R&D Systems is responding to your needs and providing haematology products you can rely on.

R&D Systems produces over 45 different products for all major haematology instruments manufactured throughout the world, including instruments manufactured by: Abbott Diagnostics (Abbott), Horiba Medical (HORIBA), Beckman Coulter®, Inc. (Beckman Coulter), BD Biosciences, HemoCue®, Inc. (HemoCue), Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics (Siemens), and Sysmex® Corporation (Sysmex). The product line includes controls, calibrators, linearity, and survey materials.

The CBC-Monitor2 Interlaboratory Quality Control Program is available free of charge to all customers.

Your future haematology control needs are anticipated in our new product development projects ensuring that R&D Systems will continue to be a source you can look to for your laboratory’s haematology control materials.

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Beckman Coulter


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