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We are proud to be partners of Helena Biosciences and to be able to offer their Haemostasis solutions to you.

Helena Biosciences provide an integrated testing solution including instrumentation, reagents and software for coagulation and platelet function systems.

Semi-automated Coagulometers

The CoaDATA family are a series of compact semi-automated, opto-mechanical coagulation analysers, available in 1, 2 and 4 channel configurations designed for clotting assays using plasma.

  • Cuvettes preloaded with magnetic stirring bars
  • Integrated thermal printer for 2 and 4 channel instruments
  • Turbodensitometric measuring principle providing comparable performance to fully automated coagulation systems
  • Accurate and precise clot detection
  • Excellent performance with lipaemic and icteric samples
  • High-capacity on-board reagent storage and long-term reagent stability for maximum assay flexibility
  • Extensible, open system, with pre-programmed tests and support for future developments such as D-Dimer and whole blood
CoaDATA Semi-automated Coagulometers

Detection principle
1, 2 or 4 channel LED optics utilising 870nm wavelength
Suitable for icteric and lipaemic samples​


Sample processing
Plasma samples

Micro-volume testing — minimum test volume of 150μl
4, 16, or 18 sample incubation positions
Turbodensitometric measuring principle providing comparable performance to fully automated coagulation systems

Semi-automated Coagulometers

The Helena C-Series is a family of compact, semi-automated, photo-optical coagulation systems designed to perform clotting, chromogenic and immunoturbidimetric assays using plasma.

  • Double determination and mean value generation
  • STAT profile for up to 4 tests
  • Autosense optics allow true results without negative interferences from icteric or lipaemic samples
  • Low intra-assay and inter-assay CVs for all instruments in the normal and pathological range (PT, APTT CVs: <2%; FIB CV: <3%)
  • Integrates easily with barcode scanner for automated patient ID and intelligent data-management software
  • Stir-bar and ball free reaction vessels are supplied as single and double micro-cuvettes for fast and effective sample handling
  • Easy to maintain and clean, guaranteeing almost zero service requirements and a long product life with optional and cost free updates
  • Micro volume testing for excellent reagent savings and a low cost per test
  • Reagent stir position with magnetic stir bar
C-SeriesSemi-automated Coagulometers

Detection principle

1, 2 or 4 channel laser optics utilising 405nm wavelength
Suitable for icteric and lipaemic samples
​Auto-start triggered by reagent addition


Sample processing
Integrates easily with bar-code scanner for automated patient ID and intelligent data-management software
6, 12, or 24 sample incubation positions
Micro-volume testing — minimum test volume of 75μl

Light transmission Aggregometer

The Helena AggRAM offers fully customisable platelet aggregation and Ristocetin cofactor testing using light transmission aggregometry on plasma.

  • Flexibility – customise your assay test sequence, calibration, dilutions, volumes, run times, display parameters, input additional agonists and create new screens
  • Half-volume – fully optimised half volume settings, including programmable stirrer speed
  • Powerful data handling – automatic calculation of slope, max% aggregation, time to max aggregation, lag phase, secondary slope and area under the curve (research use only) with full manual edit options
  • Security – operator log on with password level protection
  • Database – extensive database for patient results, quality control and standards. Data retrieval with the safety of full automatic backup
  • Interface – LIMS uni-directional host interface
  • Quality control – Levey-Jennings display of QC data based on assigned Westgard rules with integrated corrective action log
  • Available PC/Printer option
AggRAM Light transmission Aggregometer

Detection principle
Light transmission
4 channel laser optics utilising 650nm wavelength


Sample processing
Plasma sample
Micro-volume testing (min cuvette volume 150ul
4 or 8 patient samples per run
12 sample incubation positions
4 ambient reagent positions