BioGMS Serology Controls
Serology Controls

Serology Controls

Native human serum material from
one defined donor

High quality, efficient Multimarker QC range; with the consolidated presentation of each product, the range offers the opportunity to streamline your QC protocols with efficiencies in both staff time and dead volume wastage.

Each product in the range is human based and minimally processed to deliver excellent cross platform and reagent lot commutability

mimic patient samples
Can be frozen in aliquots
for maximum efficiency
MultiMarker HEP/HIV Controls
Serology Quality Controls for QC in pathology.
Torch IgG Controls
Storage & Stability

Storage:                 +2 to 8°C
In use storage:      1 day: +18 to 25°C, 7 days: +2 to 8°C, 1 month: -20°C
Manufactured by: Bio Group Medical System Località Campiano 9B, 47867 Talamello (RN), Italy

We can cover your full Serology QC requirements

Serology controls. Elisa and immuno controls for use in pathology.

In addition to the Multimarker offering we have an extensive range of single target QC’s covering both routine and specialist targets.

ELISA Controls
Avidity Controls
Serion Serology Controls
Storage & Stability

Storage:                 +2 to 8°C
In use storage:      3 months: +2 to 8°C
Manufactured by: Institut Virion\Serion GmbH, Germany

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