QConnect Grey

Serology Controls for use on Siemens analysers
Storage and Stability

Sealed: 24 months* at 2 to 8°C
After opening: 90 days at 2 to 8°C


* from date of manufacture

Analytes Included

Anti-HIV 1 IgG
Anti-HCV IgG
Anti-HBc IgG
Anti-Treponema IgG

Suitable for the following instruments:

Assay Name
Anti-HCV 4.0, Anti-HIV 1/2 Plus EIA, HBsAg 6.0 EIA, Anti-HBc monoclonal, Syphilis

Sample ID Product Code Contents
Grey_TP SR01079 1 x Positive 1ml vial
SR01073 2 x Positive 5ml vials
SR01071 4 x Positive 5ml vials
For negative controls please see QConnect Sero Neg