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Cleanroom Garments

A complete range of high quality disposable garments

Designed for varying applications and cleanroom settings the Easy2Gown range of garments from Veltek Associates are an excellent alternative to laundered garments.

Veltek disposable cleanroom garments
Athletic and active styling for all body types

Elasticated panels across the back ensure a good fit for all body types and help to prevent bellowing of the garments.


Double layer front flap

Offers better protection from contamination


Tunnelised elastic wrists

Provide a comfortable and secure fitting around the wrist.


Elastic thumb loops

Prevent the garment from moving and rising up the arm.


High strength fabric

Available in 2 formats, 1600 & 1700 (personal protection)



Tunnelised elastic ankles

Provide a comfortable and secure fitting around the ankle

Veltek Associates, Inc.’s disposable garment product line has been redeveloped, and newly designed, specifically for the needs of an aseptic cleanroom operation. The disposable garments have been refined to include more flexibility and space inside while maintaining a sleek design that works for all body types. Veltek’s disposable garments provide 100% sterility assurance and a zero chance of cross contamination, while keeping the comfort of a laundered garment.

Disposable garment cleanroom packaging

Our garments are available in two different garment fabrics, 1600 and 1700. The 1600 garment line is built with a high quality spunbound-meltblown-spunbound (SMS) non-woven PP fabric @ 60gm/m2. Our 1700 line is built using a MicroPorous coated material that is non-woven and high quality. 

Both garment lines are manufactured and constructed identically therefore, the choice between the two garment fabric all depends on the needs of the operations and the end user.

All garments are individually packaged and labeled with lot number and expiry date. All lots are delivered with their respective certificate of irradiation and certificate of sterility. The garments benefit from a 5 year shelf life from manufacture.

Cleanroom disposable hoods

Disposable Hoods

Open faced, individually packaged. Easy2Gown fold. Special breathable top to improve comfort.

Lady dressed in Veltek Cleanroom disposable garments


A vast range of sizes available in the Easy2Gown format.

Sweatless headbands for use in cleanrooms

Sweatless Headbands

Cleanroom sweatbands that negate the need to use products from outside the operation.

Disposable lab coat from Veltek

Lab Coats

Zipper front, elastic wrists, high comfort level, large range of sizes.

Disposable face masks for use in cleanrooms.


Optional ties or elastic secure what is probably the most comfortable face mask on the market.

Disposable non slip over boots for use in cleanrooms


Seeing is believing. Super non-skid, great design, durable. Easy to put one.

Protective Sleeves Logo

Protective Sleeves

Excellent comfort and chemical resistance to liquids.

Disposable shoe covers

Shoe Covers

Non-skid soles, high quality shoe covers.

Easy2Gown Cleanroom Garments