Phileas 250 by Devea provides rapid airborne and surface decontamination using hydrogen peroxide.
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Airborne Disinfection

4 Models for all application sizes

The Phileas system from Devea is simple to operate, very reliable and highly efficient. Using an innovative method to generate dry hydrogen peroxide fog it is possible to decontaminate any enclosed space from 0.25m³ to 600m³ with only 1 instrument. For larger areas simply add more units.

The Phileas system by Devea is the most cost effective, rapid,
validated, decontamination system on the market today.

The Technology

The Phileas concept is based on spinning disc technology that allows for a very efficient diffusion of hydrogen peroxide liquid into calibrated droplets of 5 to 10µm in size. This micro droplet technology allows rapid evaporation into a dry fog that then diffuses throughout the enclosure, chamber or room to be treated.  The Phileas system does not require a propulsive gas, nozzle system or heating plates.

Phileas by Devea Logo for clean room hydrogen peroxide disinfection
Disk Technology

The size and rotation speed of the disk allows for an extremely accurate production of mist droplets.

H2O2 Diffusion
Hydrogen Peroxide

The Phileas system exploits novel production methods for a physically stable high performance hydrogen peroxide.

Treat any size clean room
Treat Any Volume

Designed for disinfection of small to large volumes enclosures and rooms. However complex the area may be.

Hydrogen Peroxide Dry Fogging
Dry Fogging

Hold a sheet of paper only 20cm above the spinning disk and it will remain completely dry.

Watch this short video to find out more about this revolutionary technology.


Validated to the standard 72-281 NFT Norm

Bacteria:  5 Log reduction
Fungi:       4 Log reduction
Spores:     3 Log reduction
Virus:        4 Log reduction

Higher log reductions are possible with differing contact times.

The Instruments

Phileas Genuis by Devea for decontamination of incubators safety cabinets and small laboratories

For incubators, safety cabinets and small areas

Bottle capacity: 250ml
Flow rate : 300 ml/h
Volume treatable: 0.25m³ up to 10m³
Battery operated

Phileas 25 from Deva for room disinfection

Robustness without the weight

Bottle capacity: 500ml
Flow rate : 500 ml/h
Volume treatable: 3m³ up to 40m³
Battery or mains operated

Phileas 75 for hydrogen peroxide decontamination of rooms

High Volume With Mobility

Bottle capacity: 2000ml
Flow rate : 1200 ml/h
Volume treatable: 20m³ up to 150m³
Mains operated

Phileas 250 by Devea for decontaminating large rooms by hydrogen peroxide fogging

Power & Precision for Large Rooms

Bottle capacity: 5 – 10L
Flow rate : 3000 ml/h
Volume treatable: 50m³ up to 600m³
Mains operated

Long shelf life hydrogen peroxide for clean room decontamination

Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

Ready to use
0.2μm filtered
physically stabilised
3 year shelf life
Classed only as irritant
No transport regulations

Hydrogen Peroxide gassing controlled and traceable through a tablet

Control via Tablet

A simple way to control your Phileas

Program -> Start -> Monitor -> Print & Save Report

Ideal for controlling
multiple systems in one large area

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