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Antimicrobial Door Furniture

Helping to stop the spread of healthcare associated infections and bacteria in critical areas.

Abevia Antimicrobial Door Furniture

Deadly healthcare associated infections (HCAI) are a major threat in European hospitals as the rise in antibiotic resistant bacteria continues.  Abevia have developed an additional line of defence - antimicrobial copper door handles.

In European hospitals, 1 in 14 patients develop a HCAI. That equates to 4 million people per year in the EU. (1)

This causes 37,000 deaths and is a contributory factor in a further 110,000. (1)

Abevia Antimicrobial Door Furniture

80% of infectious diseases are spread by touch. (2)

Fewer than 40% of healthcare workers adhere to proper hand hygiene practice. (3)

Unlike disinfectants and hand washing, antimicrobial copper surfaces act continually; reducing over 90% of HCAI causing bacteria. (4)

Antimicrobial copper has been proven to reduce HCAIs by 58% in the intensive care unit (ICU). (5)

Over 6 million patients are admitted to ICUs annually (6,7), this means hundreds of thousands of infections could be prevented and tens of thousands of lives spared in ICUs alone!