Core2Clean Plus for rapidly cleaning and disinfecting cleanrooms
Core2Clean for mopping and spraying cleanroom walls

Core2Clean Plus®

An innovative cleaning system for use in controlled environments

The Core2Clean Plus® systems eliminate the need to use multiple components to spray, mop, or fog a cleanroom by incorporating them all within one device. The system assures cleaning and disinfection is done in an effective, consistent and efficient manner.

How it works

Add disinfectant to the tank through the large opening in the top. Close the lid using the simple rapid locking lid. Charge the vessel with compressed air to the set-level. Disconnect the air supply and wheel the system to where it is needed. Simple, quick & easy!

Core2Clean Plus for cleanroom disinfection

When configured as a spray or mop system, the operator dispenses disinfectant through a trigger controlled wand, providing a continuous flow of clean solution through the device and onto the surface. The trigger controlled wand enables the operator to control exactly how much disinfectant is released which then allows an increased dwell time, an improved performance, and all while using less disinfectant.

With the Core2Clean Plus System there is no need to rinse or re-apply disinfectant to the mop in-between strokes as a continual supply of clean disinfectant is provided to the mop head by the system. This offers significant time and physical labour savings during a cleaning cycle. Both your accountants and cleaning team will love this product!

When configured as a fogging system, the disinfectant is dispensed through a stainless steel fogger that is directly controlled by the Core2Clean Plus unit.

 The design of the Core2Clean Plus system allows for repeatability between operators and areas, making it easier for companies to write SOP’s.

Core2Clean Fogging Attachment

To aid in operator instruction, Veltek provides an Operator’s Manual with complete instructions for all three system uses, and videos of selected processes. We provide a complete on-site installation and training package with every system sold.

Core2Clean Mopping System for rapid cleaning and disinfection of cleanrooms
System Features:
  • Rapid connections allow the fitting of mop, trigger spray or fogger instantly.
  • Constructed of 316 stainless steel
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Can be completely sterilised using an autoclave or steam
  • Operated using compressed air, simply charge and go
  • Significantly reduce cleaning time and user effort
  • Reduce disinfectant use while increasing effectiveness
  • Simplify cleaning and disinfecting procedures
  • Two and five gallon tank sizes available
  • Four swivel casters provide superb manoeuvrability and stability