STERISPRAY for Cleanroon fogging from AM Instruments
Sterispray Cleanroom fogger


Atomisers for cleanrooms

Responding to the need of regular and periodic cleanroom fogging, Sterispray is a manual atomizer for cleanroom bio decontamination, designed for sterile pharmaceutical areas. 

Each Sterispray can cover up to 100 cubic meters and used with appropriate biocides, it guarantees quick fumigation time and short contact time.

Smart Sterispray - programmable cleanroom fogger

The Smart Sterispray option is programmable via a web interface or Modbus protocol (industrial automation standard). This allows the full customisation of the installation, giving the possibility to cover even the largest cleanrooms and to be controlled by a single operator. The quantity of the sprayed biocide can be customized during each cycle by means of the interface which creates an audit trail that can be download and analysed at any time.


Technical Specifications

​Customisable & recorded cycle duration
Customisable & recorded weight of the sprayed biocide
Tank level indication
Records batch number & expiry of biocide used
​Ability to add user defined notes
Provides estimate of number of cycles per tank remaining
Provides estimate of number of cycles before expiry of the biocide
Password protected parameter adjustment
RJ45 Ethernet connection via Modbus TCP

We also have a range of hydrogen peroxide gassing systems for clean rooms and other enclosed spaces.