Pharmaclean Tyvek Sterile pens and cleanroom paper
Cleanroom note books

Cleanroom Stationary

Sterile cleanroom compatible pens & paper

The Pharmaclean range from AM Instruments includes labels, paper, pens and notebooks.

Pharmaclean® sterile ballpoint pen. Permanent, resistant to abrasion and chemicals.

Made of patented bacteriostatic material – Extensive tests carried in compliance to ISO Standards 22196:2011, show a reduction exceeding 99% of the initial bioburden.

The pen has a clip-on hook and uses a pressure mechanism to control the tip exit and return to eliminate the need for a cap, thus improving the handling when wearing sterile gloves and isolator gloves.

Pharmaclean® pens are available with black or blue ink. Each piece is Gamma irradiated and double bagged.

Pharmaclean clean room paper

A range of cleanroom papers available in a range of colours. Compatible with laser printers and photocopiers, autoclavable and heat resistant.

Also available – notebooks in sizes A4, A5 & A6 and labels. Our labels are either removable or permanaent and do not leave a residue when removed. Autoclavable and available in a range of sizes.