MyandClean automatic hand sanitiser for cleanrooms
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Glove Disinfection

Automated and manual solutions

Veltek Associates Inc. and AM Instruments provide solutions to the problems associated with glove disinfection.


The number of inspections by the authorities regarding accuracy and adequacy of data is constantly increasing. The regulatory body requires data integrity fully in compliance with GMP rules and regulations that companies have to guarantee with continuous process improvement.

Data integrity is now a basic requirement for the quality, efficiency and cost control of production cycles and it ensures the highest level of security.

My&Clean+ is a system that traces every gloved hand sanitization, their correct execution and frequency, also notifying the necessity of repeating the operation in case failure occurs.

AM Instruments has created the ultimate system that simultaneously solves the problems of consistency and reliability of the data and the risk of cross-contamination.

The liquid is released directly from the original bottle housed in the device, an innovation that cuts down the need of bottle handling, eliminating the risk of cross contamination.

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Cleanjet Automated glove disinfection for use in cleanrooms

When placed in a locker room or in a production department, the CleanJet® unit guarantees a fast and safe glove disinfection and reduces glove consumption. An automatic proximity detector senses the presence of a gloved hand and releases an alcohol based disinfectant solution.

CleanJet®’s tank has a maximum capacity of 700ml. A double LED indicates when the system has reached the minimum level and during replenishment the maximum fill level. When the minimum level of liquid is reached in addition to the visual LED alarm, a sound alarm is activated. For best performance of the system we recommend using pharmaceutical grade alcohol.

Cleanroom Alcohol dispenser for gloved hands. Hands free operation
Hands-free DEC-AHOL/DEC-HAND Dispenser

VAI developed the Asepti-Cleanse to meet the requirements of cGMP clean room operations.  The dispensing system is the most advanced infrared sensor dispensing system available in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.  It can be set to dispense approximately 1, 2, or 3 mL of solution without user contact.

The Asepti-Cleanse can be mounted directly to glass or walls which makes it an excellent choice for gowning rooms and aseptic manufacturing areas.

Wall mounted alcohol dispenser for gloved hands
For Use With Veltek Products 

Several options exist to simplify the dispensing of Veltek (VAI) products.  The DEC-50 minimizes cross-contamination by enabling the user to simply place the back of their gloved hand on the DEC-50 Actuation Arm to dispense VAI products rather than handle the container.  The 200-P pump mechanism and 300-T trigger mechanism simplify dispensing VAI products while delivering dosed quantities to prevent overuse.