Selectrocide 12G from Selective Micro Technologies produces pure chlorine dioxide for clinical analyser and purified water system decontamination.
Selectrocide 12G

Decontaminate Your Water System Safely & Efficiently

Ultra-pure chlorine dioxide

Our unique product offers ultra-pure chlorine dioxide at the point of use without the need for any equipment or chemical mixing.  Simply add the patented micro reactor into your purified water system’s reservoir and walk away.

Chlorine dioxide is a highly efficient biocide and the most versatile, material compatible,  user and environmentally friendly way of decontaminating your water purification system. 

With a range of sachets available, any size system can be decontaminated simply and easily.

About Chlorine Dioxide – A powerful broad-spectrum biocide

Chlorine dioxide has been recognised for decades as a superior broad-spectrum biocide that is effective against bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungi and spores. Municipal water systems have used chlorine dioxide for over fifty years to treat drinking water.

Because pure chlorine dioxide exists as a gas in water, it is able to diffuse into and remove biofilm at the point of attachment on the walls of tubing, reservoirs and other equipment surfaces.

Chlorine dioxide is not chlorine, sodium hypochlorite or bleach. Unlike these compounds, chlorine dioxide is not a chlorinating agent and does not form chlorinated dangerous organic by-products.

“Chlorine dioxide is a powerful biocide that can kill fungus, bacteria and viruses at levels of 0.1 to 1 part per million in contact times of a few minutes.”

— Annual Research Report, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX, 1996

Pure chlorine dioxide offers significant advantages over other sanitation, disinfection and sterilization products. Traditional biocides, such as chlorine or ozone, can involve expensive generation equipment that require constant attention and maintenance. Many of these chemicals are hazardous to handle, can be difficult to remove and can damage equipment.

Now it is possible to unlock the potential of ultra-pure chlorine dioxide without such limitations…

Chlorine Dioxide Efficacy

Concentration required to cause a 5 log reduction of Staphylococcus aureus in 60 seconds.


Selectrocide Efficacy Data
How It Works

Just add water….

How Selectrocide work when decontaminating water systems

In typical decontamination applications of purified water systems a concentration of 30-50 ppm of chlorine dioxide is required. This is achieved by selecting the appropriate number and size of sachets for your system. Please contact us for help and advice. Add the sachets to the reservoir of water and then close/seal the reservoir and leave to generate. Test strips are available for quick and easy verification of concentration during use and following rinsing. Chlorine dioxide is consumed as it oxidises organic matter and therefore should a system be particularly contaminated the initial target concentration may not be reached and an additional sachet may need to be added.

The solution is circulated throughout the system and pipework allowing a minimum contact time of 30 minutes with all surfaces.  The system is then drained and rinsed with 1 complete fill of water. This will remove all remaining chlorine dioxide.

How Selectrocide work when decontaminating water systems

In a closed system, the head space will reach a gas-phase chlorine dioxide concentration in equilibrium with the bulk solution. This characteristic facilitates microbial kill on surfaces that are untouched by the bulk liquid and makes it perfect for reaching all the parts of your water system that other products cannot reach.

Chlorine dioxide also has the useful benefits of lowering TOC levels and deodorising.

For more information on the right product for you please don’t hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email. We’d love to hear from you. We have sachets suitable for all sizes of water system – no system is too big or too .