MyFog for Airflow Visualisation in cleanrooms and laminar airlfows.
My Fog for airflow visualisation using sterile water


Mist generator for airflow visual testing in classified environments and laminar flow cabinets

According to the ISO 14644-3 Annex B7 international standard, airflows in classified environments of any ISO class should be visually verified every 24 months.

The purpose of this type of test is to verify and certify that the airflow, set up to protect critical areas, is working efficiently. A generator of traces that clearly identifies speed and direction of airflows is numbered among the suggested methods in the Annex. The test is carried out in the area under examination by taking pictures of the airflow made visible by the fog during “at rest” conditions (with no personnel present and no production equipment in use). 

My Fog for airflow visualisation in cleanrooms


Visualization of airflow directions in:

  • ​classified environments laminar flow areas (e.g: liquid filling machines)
  • weighing stations (ex.: powder weighing and sampling areas)
  • ​laminar flow cabinets
  • ​Balancing pressures between rooms (visual indication)
  • Identification of air stagnation pockets
  • ​​Personnel training


  • No gas supply required
  • No consumables
  • Compact design
  • Remote control with start/stop, mist speed and intensity adjustment

CE Marked

A range of options are available for the MyFog system for different applications including a carrying case, a stand with castors and tripod.