Airshower for personnel entering a cleanroom environment.
Air shower for decontaminating personnel

Air Shower

Airflow decontamination system

Operator controlled decontamination system for entry into controlled areas. The shower is designed for the entry and the exit of one person at a time. 

Both doors are interlocked to avoid simultaneous opening and a traffic light system on both sides shows status. Emergency buttons inside and outside the shower allow an immediate halt of the system and open the doors. 

Entering the shower from a “not classified” area, automatically activates the 15 m/s airflow. The airflow generates a turbulence that facilitates the separation of particles from operators’ clothes and the side aspiration system draws contaminated air through filters, where particles are retained.

  • Made from AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Scotch Brite finishing
  • HEPA filter, dimensions 610x610x292h mm, Eurovent class H14 or H13 for high air flow rates
  • 2 centrifugal fan motors 230 V
  • 4 air barriers (two on each side) that blow filtered air in the transition zone at high speed
  • Internal light
  • ​Differential pressure gauge: Magnehelic
  • Glass doors with electronic interlock