Modular Laminar Airflow Systems
Modular laminar airflow systems


Modular Laminar Flow Systems

These cleaning air modules are manufactured in four standard sizes and can be assembled according to the cleanroom layout. This gives the possibility to build clean work areas, creating class ISO 5 environments (compliant with ISO 14644-1), of various shapes and sizes. 

The standard MULTIPLO® module is a self-contained unit including HEPA filter and fan. Typical applications in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, electronics and food/ beverage fields.

Modular laminar airflow systems

Four standard sizes available.

  • ​680x680x610h
  • 1360x1360x610h
  • 1360x680x610h
  • 1360x2040x610h
  • Custom size MULTIPLO® available upon request

​AISI 304 stainless steel construction, Scotch Brite finishing
HEPA filter H14, efficiency 99,995% of 0,1-0,2μm3 particles (MPPS)
Stainless steel plenum with inner grid for optimal air distribution
Plenum with differential pressure gauge and 100% DOP connections
Double inlet centrifugal motorblower
Comprehensive range of accessories, easy to install
IP55 stainless steel remote control panel
IQ/OQ documentation available