Cleanroom Passbox using ionised hydrogen perozide for rapid decontamination.
Pass Box for transfer between two cleanrooms

MyBox - Pass Box

Integrated with a H202 bio decontamination system

This dynamic passbox, available in two different versions, is integrated with a nebulized or ionized H2O2 generator. It can easily be installed between two different classified areas or rooms to allow material pass through.

MyBox ensures surface sterilization of materials that have to be introduced in the sterile environment. This method is essential whenever the products/components that require sterilization are not autoclavable.

Pass box for material pass through between 2 cleanrooms.

Technical Specifications:

  • > log 6 reduction in bacterial load
  • Integrated HP generator
  • AISI 304 stainless steel (work chamber and external body)
  • HMI Terminal with touch screen
  • Real time data logger and reporting functions
  • Fully programmable sterilization cycles
  • Class B work chamber, compliant with cGMP Annex I, ensured by HEPA H14 filters. Optional class A work chamber available
  • Complete flexibility of hardware and software solutions to suit you
  • Simple connection to a centralized monitoring system


  • Compact Design
  • Configurable automatic email/sms notifications for alarms, warnings, anomalies and cycle completions
  • ​Fast, repeatable, and valdatable low temperature sterilizer.
  • Does not affect thermolabile materials
  • Sustainable cycle: non toxic residues of hydrogen peroxide vaporization (water and oxygen)
  • High compatibility with all materials used in controlled environments, such as stainless steel, PVC, glass, aluminum, etc
  • No need for specific utilities: only compressed air and power are required
  • The simple but comprehensive design allows hardware and software customized solutions