Powder handling booth for controlling particulates and protecting operators.
Downcross Powder Extraction


Powder control solutions for powder weighing areas

The DownCross booth is designed for pharmaceutical solid dosage processes, IBC systems and drum weighing. It guarantees operator exposure levels of <100μg/m3 TWA, which can be reduced with the use of flexible or rigid barriers to <10μg/m3 TWA. 

The air flows from the booth ceiling H14 filters in an unidirectional downflow, creating a class ISO 5 environment in the booth area, protected by curtains or rigid walls. The air flows down across the work area and into a prefilter stage below the operator’s waist level, thereby drawing particulates away from the operator’s breathing zone. 

Subsequently, the air can then either be partially recirculated in the environment after H14 filtration or totally exhausted through a specific air duct. The same amount of air that has been exhausted is then drawn from the environment at floor level (below the barriers) creating a negative pressure zone inside the booth to protect the surroundings of the booth.


  • High quality finishing for the pharmaceutical industry, compliant with cGMP standards
  • High performance fans
  • ​AISI 304 stainless steel construction
  • Electrical panel for booth
  • Alarm system
  • Validation IQ/OQ documentation according to cGMP standards
  • Custom options available