Airwell viable particle air sampler

AIRWELL Microbial Air Samplers

One air sampler - two models

Awel have brought innovation to the air sampler market with their new Airwell range. There is more to an air sampler than you might think and these new devices are packed with innovative features.

Airwell microbial air sampler

Data from the air sampler can be downloaded to a PC via Bluetooth or a USB cable connection.

Additional accessories can be purchased separately for the units such as tripods, additional sampling heads and full IQ/OQ validation documentation.


The air samplers are incredibly lightweight at only 1.2KG and benefit from a 15 hour battery life. They conform to ISO14698, USP 797, USP 116, EU GLP-GMP & ISO17025. All samplers are supplied with a transport case have a shockproof body and an antibacterial polymer covering.

All Airwel air samplers benefit from the following features:

Types of Plates:

90mm petri dishes, 55mm contact plates, 110mm closed dishes

Types of Heads:

Stainless steel grid, polycarbonate autoclavable, disposable

Multi-Level Access Passwords:

Operator, Manager & Service

Sampling Rates:

100L/min & 200L/min

Airwell microbial air sampler


In addition to the above features the Airwell Mono system offers further advantages that make it the most advanced hand held air sampler on the market.

  • Self-test before operation to ensure the flow rate is still correctly calibrated
  • IP65 (protection from dust and water)
  • Wireless induction base charger
  • RFID or Barcode identification of operator, location, instrument & plate
  • Optional ATEX certificate