90mm agar plate with lid off from AB Scientific.
90mm agar plate with lid off from AB Scientific.

Pre-prepared Agar Plates

Standard classical media or custom batches

We offer a comprehensive range of agar plates for all industries where quality matters. Single custom batch sizes from 10 plates to 10,000+ are all possible.

The bioTRADING product range is too large to list on our website but needless to say we can offer all the agar plates required for any industry. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Selection of agar plates from AB Scientific.

All media is manufactured to the very highest standard and every batch is rigorously tested to meet performance criteria prior to reaching your laboratory.  You also have the option to specify your own additional QC testing requirements.  Certificates of analysis are automatically emailed to you on shipment of your product.

Media for the Pharmacutical Industry

The quality of bioTRADING media lends itself to the Pharmaceutical Industry for use in cleanrooms and critical environments where only the highest quality of media will suffice. Either irradiated or non-irradiated, single, double or triple wrapped, with or without neutralisers – it is all possible. Just ask!

Microbiology Agar Plates from AB Scientific
Triple wrapped microbiology media from AB Scientific