QC sets for microbiology analysers.

Microorganism QC Sets

Manufacturer specified organism sets

Available for all major commercially available identification and testing systems. 

Commercial Sets offered by Microbiologics contain the manufacturer recommended quality control strains for bacterial identification systems (e.g., Vitek®) and bacterial detection products (e.g., Readycult®). Miscellaneous Sets offered by Microbiologics include the quality control strains required by CLSI for sensitivity testing, and appropriate microorganism groupings for a wide selection of additional quality control tests. Ordering QC microorganisms in sets simplifies the ordering process.

QC Microorganism Sets are available for many instruments including:

  • Vitek® and Vitek® 2
  • MicroScan®
  • API®
  • BD BBL™ Crystal™, Phoenix™ and GeneOhm™
  • Cepheid® Smart Cycler® and GeneXpert®
  • Roche LightCycler®
  • And Many More!
Microorganism QC Sets and Panels

Choose from three convenient packaging options:

  • LYFO DISK® (vial of 6 lyophilized pellets of each single QC microorganism)
  • KWIK-STIK™ 2 Pack (2 STIKS of each single QC microorganism)
  • KWIK-STIK™ 6 Pack (6 STIKS of each single QC microorganism)