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Independent Molecular Controls

ZeptoMetrix is a top global provider in manufacturing microorganism controls for Nucleic Acid Amplification Testing. The NATtrolâ„¢ based products far exceed industry standards for quality with purified microorganisms including IVD CE controls, bacterial controls, viral controls, parasitic controls, multi-marker quality control and more. The NATtrolâ„¢ control products help laboratories streamline their testing process, train technicians and calibrate equipment.

ZeptoMetrix, provide a large inventory of bacteria, virus, parasite, fungi and bacteriophage strains that are compiled specifically for the platform you are using. Strains come in a variety of different formats including quality control panels and molecular controls.

Zeptometrix Product Packaging

Intact organisms

Work across all platforms

Matrix mimics a true clinical specimen

Contains the entire genome (not synthetic or purified).

Zeptometrix Molecular Quality Controls

Easy to use

Non-infectious (inactivation is verified)

Ready to use

Shipment on gel packs

1-2 year shelf life

Zeptometrix Molecular Quality Controls

Wide Range

IVD/CE Products
Individual or multiplexed controls
Control Panels