IHP Passbox can be unloaded on completion of the rapid decontamination clycle
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AB Scientific have installed the UK’s first AIHP (Activated ionised hydrogen peroxide) pass box and this really is no ordinary pass box. When we were initially discussing this project with our customer it soon became apparent that a standard stainless steel pass box wasn’t going to be big enough and so in partnership with AM Instruments who have developed this unique passbox technology we created a pass through room. On completion of the project this room will allow the customer to achieve a validated 6 log reduction on surface contamination in an incredibly rapid time.

The UK’s First AIHP Passbox

This is no ordinary pass box…
Trolleys awaiting hydrogen peroxide gassing and decontamination before transfer into the cleanrom
The Pass-Room has enough capacity to treat all these trolleys in one cycle.

The inherent properties of ionised hydrogen peroxide lends itself perfectly to this application. Ionised hydrogen peroxide is far more biocidal than normal hydrogen peroxide when it is gassed by other mechanisms. This means a much shorter contact time and much smaller dose is required.

Our PassBox will revolutionise the way our customer operates; not only saving them huge amounts of time but also removing the reliance on manual operations which are hard to validate and control. This system will give consistent, rapid decontamination.  

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